Top 4 exercises to prepare for job interview success.

Clavier travail

Unlike most things in life where the devil’s in the detail, with interview preparation, it’s not! Everything is written down in black and white in the job specification. The tricky devils are the ‘Unknowns’ or to borrow Donald Rumsfeld’s jargon, the ‘Unknown Unknowns’. Each of these exercises can help you ‘zoom out’ from small details and identify broader issues that ... Read More »

52 jobs in 52 weeks.


Throughout 2013, 1 man had a mission. That man is Matt Frost. After an accident at work, Matt found himself with more time on his hands. He began to question whether his shop management job in london was really what he wanted to spend his time doing. The verdict – it wasn’t. So, at 30, his plan was to spend ... Read More »

Stay healthy at work


8 hour days, 48 hour weeks and with ever-increasing overtime very much established in our working lives, it comes as no surprise we neglect our health in the fast paced world of work. However it’s more important than ever that we look after our bodies and our minds, as our work can affect both our physical and mental health. Read ... Read More »

What not to say to Jobseekers


  So you’ve lost your job, you’ve joined the millions of people currently seeking work and to add fuel to the fire, you have to put up with people coming out with the following ’10 worst things people say to jobseekers’:   1. “Well at least you now more time now, you could even start a family! Maybe now’s the ... Read More »

The World Job War


  There’s a war out there – the job war. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for many to gain employment. Whether you’re a new graduate, a school leaver with no degree or you’ve recently been made redundant in your 40s, getting a new job or changing careers is the same battle for everyone. So if you have: - proofread your CV ... Read More »

Slovenian castle seeks caretaker with dog


No word of a lie! You could be just an application form away from your dream job in Slovenia with a salary of 100,000 Euros and live in a castle. A new job competition recently launched on Petsdialog, aims to find the perfect caretaker (and dog) to look after this beautiful castle by lake bled. How to play ? To ... Read More »

Careers in web design


The last article of our series of internet jobs will focus on graphic designer jobs. A graphic designer who is specialized in web design have to have a good knowledge of how the Internet works. For example, if you are doing some work for a printed document you know that colours you will be working with will be CMYK and ... Read More »

What are web marketing jobs?

Webmarketing jobs

Web marketing is all about working on how to get your website or service known on the internet in order to reach your customers. Techniques used in marketing usually differ from regular marketing techniques because what is applied off line can’t always be applied online. When you have a good web marketing strategy established you can reach many users who ... Read More »